Art in Berlin supports education in Guinea-Bissau -Update

Dear friends, and anyone who is interested,
our auction entitled “Art in Berlin supports education in Guinea-Bissau” took place at the Café Strudelka in Berlin-Wedding on 19 September.
The participants had the chance to bid for four of the paintings which Dr Gerlinde Ulrich-Gau had donated. Our association thus received 180 Euros in donations. The entire sum will go to our project in Escola Sabunhima in Guinea-Bissau. The paintings which were not sold at the auction will go on sale on eBay
starting in October.
We are very grateful to Dr Ulrich-Gau and the purchasers Renzo and Yvonne for their contributions and their support. Many thanks also to everyone who participated in the auction, and to the team of Café Strudelka.

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